Last updated: May 11, 2022

A note from the Executive Director

Dream Scene Cast takes a bow

Thank you to all on both sides of the footlights and to those in the field helping to cultivate strong, disciplined and graceful dancers.

The mission of Prairie Nutcracker Foundation, Inc. celebrates Kansas' pioneer past, the joy of simpler times, the value of hard work and the natural warmth and beauty of Kansas. It also honors the hard work and limitless potential of our young people dedicated to becoming trained dancers.

To dance is to soar and sing with your body, mind and heart. It is a dancer's hope to communicate this joy-beyond the footlights, beyond words. Whether by dancing, attending, or contributing, you are a vital pART of this conversation and mission. Prairie Nutcracker biennially proves to refresh and leave its participants wanting more. No year is the same, not the dancers, not the audience, not even Kansas.

Yet what remains is the beauty and warm colors of our prairie land expressed by the timeless heartwarming story and music of Prairie Nutcracker. Thank you to all who are giving our young men and women the chance to learn to dance in heartland America.

Your support, whether investing in your child's dance training, attending a Prairie Nutcracker performance or helping make possible further training opportunities for gifted dancers, is crucial in strengthening characters, families, communities and our artful work here in the heartland.

A very prairie thank you!
Betsie Andrews signature
Betsie Andrews,
Executive Director of Prairie Nutcracker Foundation, Inc.

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