Last updated: May 11, 2022


"My granddaughters were enthralled by the whole thing-the youngest sat on the top of her seat (folded UP) so she could see everything."      -H.T., Haven, Kansas

"Mommy, Look!"
     -Grace Zongker, age 5

Leaves you better than you were before

"I was moved by the beauty of what was created in time and space upon the stage. The music and the dancers told a story, delineated plot and character and meaning without words-music and movement spoke directly to the mind and heart with an emotional immediacy… I feel that the dances had that elusive, sometimes ephemeral quality that one searches for in good art that intrinsic quality which touches the soul, moves one's heart-and leaves you better than you were before."      -K.M., Plevna, Kansas

A Biennial Reward

"Prairie Nutcracker is brilliant, beautiful, professional—in every way extraordinary. My husband and I will make it a biennial reward to each other."      -R.S., Hutchinson, Kansas

Priceless Treat

"Prairie Nutcracker is a priceless treat and treasure."      -D.P., Newton, Kansas

Waltz of the Prairie Flowers
"Spectacular"      -Josh Davies, Tech Director

Magical Night

"My two granddaughters sat mesmerized for the entire performance (not normally their mode of behavior). There are not enough accolades to describe the joy generated among your audience. Three cheers for a magical night."      -AJH, Hutchinson, Kansas


"The snow was breathtaking!"      -C.C., Cleveland, Ohio

Represents Kansas so Truly and Purely

"Beautiful as usual, but seemed fresh and new. I took some friends who have no knowledge of ballet and they were moved to tears and finally understood why I've had my girls in ballet all these years. Another friend was so impressed she said you should take it on tour, as it represents Kansas so truly and purely!"      -B.S., Hutchinson, Kansas

Tribal Maidens
"Awesome"      -Jeff Wiens, Spotlight Operator

That touch of prairie really got to him

"I wish you could have heard my husband's comments during Prairie Nutcracker. He truly enjoyed the whole performance. I could hardly keep from laughing at his excitement. That touch of prairie really got to him."      -A farmer's wife, rural Hutchinson, Kansas

We felt transported to Broadway

"It's beyond me how the Prairie Nutcracker gets better every year, but it does! The costumes have evolved into works of art and the entire look from beginning to end is so clean, pure, and professional. My granddaughter and I sat in the audience and felt transported to Broadway. It makes me so proud to live in a community where the arts are so pervasive.

I had no idea that Hutchinson had dancers this professional!"      -B.N., Hutchinson, Kansas